Tips Troubleshooting PC Support Services


When you fire yours computer in morning or in office, there no respond is at all and possible computer lamp which usually blaze, now do not. This it is PC Support Services, possible information here under can assist you
1. What yours need check ahead is whether/what cable power in yours computer is attached better ( is not diffuse). Check all connective cable of computer, monitor the, UPS Or stabilizer, whether/what attached at electrics source. It is possible that also yours UPS or stabilizer destroy except that there is problem of at cable, try don't use the former UPS or stabilizer, see whether/what yours computer is on.
2. Keep in mind ahead whether/what you there is make a change at yours computer previously, like altering voltage of power supply, removing inner your computer, or alter the setting BIOS. If there is bring back like from the beginning or reexamine the shares which have been touched by you of whether/what attached truly
3. If you there is alter the setting BIOS, and you cannot alter it return because computer of there no respond, hence you need reset BIOS in manual. Read the reference book yours Main board at shares of me-reset BIOS. Do/Conduct truly
4. Whether/What yours computer release the sound voice ' beep' long or repeatedly? if yes, yours VGA Card memory or is not attached better. Try to open the cover/conclusion of casing of former cheque and computer or abstract the tide of VGA Card or memory of if/when you have assured that its cause

If/When all the things above you have do/conduct, but computer remain to do not on, possibility there is damage of at yours computer. Generally damage which is possible happened the damage usually at Power Supply,
If/when computer lamp do not on is at all Damage of at VGA Card, Main board & Memory,
if/when computer on but dark monitor screen/sail. Certain damage at Hard disk can cause also matter that way * Damage of at screen/sail monitor the ( LCD) of if/when computer on and there is voice ' beep' 1x and lamp of Hard disk on, and all fan walk
If you have the reserve spare part of above and yours coincidence own the ability to install the the component, you can do/conduct it own.
If/When do not better contact the computer shop or one who expert in this area If/When yours computer still in a period of/to warranty better contact the shop selling it, don't try to improve;repair by x self because warranty can char if/when you release the certain component.


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