Access and Function of Device Manager


Device Manager represent one of windows drivers giving information about hardware which is install in computer. We can use the device manager to update the driver (software) for the hardware of, modification, checked problems and driver download at internet to driver update.

Following as complete as hitting function of Device Manager.
- See whether/what hardware attached walk better
- Altering arrangement of configuraton hardware
- Identify the driver which is being run (aktif) and get the detail information
- Install or driver updates
- Disable, unable and uninstall driver
- Bringing back driver to previous circumstance ( roll back )
- Printing summary enlist the driver which install in computer.

the drivers download it is true sometime non a very needed matter, and surely if computer condition (hardware / software) have walked optimally, there no problem in it. But nevertheless, to some of hardware be recommended by newest driver.

Partly we possible nor know if have to look for by self computer drivers, besides do not know what component in computer, searching with the compatible certain type sometime do not easy. By Device Manager then click scan, hence program this will do scan hardware in our computer, connect to internet to check whether there is newest driver, some of trouble is sound driver. In any case sound drivers in windows SP1 and SP2 need UAA patch.
Some cases, general issue at hardware computer is windows drivers for the hardware of attached at computer. Its solution see modestly, Removing pertinent driver. its problem in Device-Manager Windows only present the driver peripheral which conected. All active other, but can only be presented with a tricks with driver download.

We depress at keyboard of knob of Windows and knob Pause to come to to System-Properties. In tab ‘ Advanced’ here in after we click the ‘ Environment Variables’ and below/under his/its at ‘ New’. As our name mention the ‘ devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices’ and as ‘ Value’ number ‘ 1 . We confirm ‘ O.K.’ and restart the PC. In our Device-Manager click the ‘ View Show Hidden Devices’ so that to be XP present the old driver printer. With a right click at peripheral and govern the ‘ Uninstall’ we remove its ringleader from PC. Now the reader can print without Windows-Crash.


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