Local hosting or US hosting ?


Progressively industrial mushroom web hosting, start from indonesia server hosting, US server Hosting and now emerge green web hosting. Hosting is service of internet providing place for saving of information which can be accessed anywhere. The information among other things http (website), FTP(transfer File), email or DNS. Domain is unique name given to identify the name of server hosting at network internet. This Domain to water down the reeling or data denominating / information at a server. As we know, to access to other, dissimilar our computer have to use the IP Address. Following advantage and disadvantage between US server hosting and local (indonesia) server hosting (IIX)

US server hosting
  1. Quickly accessed from any where because US node from internet world.
  2. Delivery and also e-mail acceptance very fluent because routing to mail server – big mail. server like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and other, dissimilar short enough.
  3. Easy to accessed by website – website crawler of like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other.

  1. speed access from within country ( Indonesia) fail in comparison with server which have location in Indonesia

Indonesia server hosting (IIX)
  1. Quickly accessed from within country ( Indonesia) because short routing
  2. Is not affected by international condition from Indonesia provider used by customer / client

  1. international bandwidth is smaller relative so that e-mail delivery by attachmen - big attachment up at mail server outside like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and other often slowly.


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